State of The Art Technology is Transforming Vaginas with no Downtime

State of The Art Technology is Transforming Vaginas with no Downtime

From Vaginoplasty to Hymenoplasty, there has been a rise in popularity in procedures to give women them a perfect ‘designer’ vagina. Many women find themselves more images conscious, especially as they start dating again in midlife, wanting to stay looking and feeling young.

There are also many intimate issues that can occur for women in later life. Women who have gone through vaginal birth or menopause can experience laxity in the vaginal canal, damage to the pelvic floor, vaginal dryness, painful intercourse, low sensitivity, reduced elasticity and urinary incontinence. Some of these symptoms can also occur just from natural ageing. Unfortunately many women feel like there isn’t much they can do about it and simply put up with it. It’s also something that is openly talked about either, with 81% of Gynecologists saying that these problems go unreported by their patients and therefore untreated. Women experiencing these problems are not uncommon – millions are experiencing this across the UK.

However, new technologies are paving the way in vaginal rejuvenation and seeing a vast improvement in quality of life, discomfort and sex life for women post-birth or post-menopause.

Radiofrequency Treatment for Vaginal Health

Inmode is a new feminine wellness treatment that uses radiofrequency to tighten the vagina tissue. Heating the tissue makes the collagen in the tissue contract and tighten, whilst also helping the vaginal walls grow new collagen to improve blood supply to the area. With this comes a production of vaginal fluid to make sex easier post-menopause. Rather than just giving you a different looking vagina, the treatment helps make your vagina healthier and stronger, improving problems with vaginal dryness, overactive bladder and bladder weakness. It really is transforming lives, making women feel more confident and comfortable in many different aspects of their lives.

The results are instant, with collagen contraction and increased elasticity of the tissue happening straight away, as well as increasing collagen production in the long term so you continue to see improvements.

As well as the obvious benefits when it comes to radiofrequency therapy, Inmode is also easy and painless with no downtime. Generally women don’t report any discomfort and the procedure takes less than an hour. Usually only three sessions are required, about 4 – 6 weeks apart.

What Women Have Said About The Treatment

“After just one treatment I noticed that I didn’t need to do that leg twist when I sneezed. Bye bye panty liners.”

“I am very pleased with the results. I have hardly any leakage. I can now do star jumps with confidence!”

“I have experienced for the last few years the need to pass urine on frequent occasions, particularly before doing the exercise….the first treatment there was a marked improvement… the second treatment further enhanced that and all my symptoms have gone which makes me feel back to how I felt before I had children.

Radiofrequency at Levitas Clinic

Levitas Clinic offers Radiofrequency therapy at their London practice, with their new I Forma V machine. Prices start from £600 for the treatment, so contact us to find out more!


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July 10th, 2019

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