Platelet Rich Plasma

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Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

During this new regenerative medicine technique, we extract the plasma from your blood, concentrate it and reintroduce it back to your problem area in order to positively alter the appearance of your skin.

The concentrated platelets contain many bioactive proteins, including growth factors which have been shown to initiate accelerated tissue repair.

What areas can PRP treat?

  • Face
  • Eyes
  • Hair
  • Wounds
  • Joints
  • Neck

What are the benefits of PRP?

  • Improve the texture of the skin
  • Create better skin tone
  • Tightens the skin
  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Increase skin thickness and vitality
  • Initiate healing response
  • How often should I have PRP?

The number of treatments that you may need will vary depending on the severity of the condition, however generally we recommend 2 to 3 treatments as a matter of course. Factors such as age, sun damage and genetics may lead to more treatments being necessary to sort out your issue. It’s also important to maintain what we’ve done once to twice a year.

Musculoskeletal PRP

As well as skin conditions, PRP can be used to heal injuries in joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons. Some of our patients use this method in order to return to physical activity more quickly post injury and it is perceived to be very effective when addressing pain issues.

PRP is not surgical – the injection just increases the amount of soft tissue generation in tendons, ligaments, collagen and cartilage.

PRP and Carboxy Therapy combined