GP Services

Personalised GP and regenerative support to fit in your life. Accessible and personal medical care.

Call us on 0207 4594 854 to make an appointment to see your private GP at Levitas Clinic

GP Consultations

Uncompromised healthcare
Our private GP consultations provide you with fast, convenient uncompromised care.

Our experienced doctors are focused purely on giving you the best advice, treatment and care. We pride ourselves on the personal attention we can give our patients, so that you have the comfort of knowing that your doctor knows you.

Our long appointment times ensure that you will have time to discuss your health in detail.

What can you expect from a consultation?

Your doctor will:

  • Make an assessment
  • Give medical advice
  • Write same day prescriptions (where necessary)
  • Write referral letter (where necessary)
  • Follow up your care

We open 7 days a week, providing early mornings, weekday evenings and weekend appointments. Our extensive availability ensures access to medical services at times that fit conveniently around your lifestyle.

We also offer a dispensing service, which allows many prescriptions to be filled on site without the need for an extra stop at a pharmacy.

Wave goodbye to the waiting room

Prefer to have a consultation from the comfort of your home? We are able to offer both phone and video consultations as well as face-to-face. We have made it easy to access same day care which offers you maximum choice. Our prescription home-delivery service gives our patients flexibility to manage their care from home.


We also offer an extensive range of on-site investigations from blood tests and urine analysis to ultrasound scanning, ECGs and other screening.

We work alongside London’s best pathology services and have relationships with leading specialists in all disciplines.

Continuity of Care

Our clinicians can recommend and guide you through your treatment.

Looking to maximise continuity of care? We also have a membership option. Please click here for more information.

Occupational Health

We can offer driving, employment or visa medical assistance using in-house investigations.


Ear Microsuction is an extremely safe way of removing blockages from your ears by an audiologist. The whole procedure is viewed using a microscope ensuring safety and comfort at all times.

Health Screens

We offer a comprehensive health check, ensuring that we check over everything. We will ensure that the health screen is tailored to your exact needs and symptoms if you have any.

Travel Vaccinations

Whatever your travel vaccination needs, we have it covered as a MASTA approved travel vaccination clinic. We can offer advice for health on your trip abroad and we offer vaccinations against a wide range of diseases.


We offer a wide range of investigative methods here at Levitas Clinic whether you have symptoms relating to your heart, your hearing or you would like a comprehensive blood test.

Minor Surgery

Struggling with your skin, or skin conditions? We pride ourselves on using the latest innovative techniques using state of the art equipment. We can address your condition using electrosurgery or other minor surgery in our purpose-built operation suites.

Book online, by email or by phone at a time that suits you. We are open 7 days a week from 07.00 am to 20.00 pm