Vaser Liposuction

VASER Lipo ® System Liposelection is a new, patented technology that uses the gentle power of ultrasound to target only the fat you want to be removed, leaving all other tissues largely undamaged.

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Vaser Liposuction

We’ve used ultrasound for years to capture the first glimpse of our baby or even to clean our teeth. This gentle energy source has now evolved to VASER Lipo ® System Liposelection for fat removal.

Now with VASER Lipo ® System Liposelection, there is a way to permanently change your body. To change the places that have been resistant to diet and exercise, or the places affected by the passage of time or pregnancy. Pain and bruising are often so minimal with VASER Lipo ® System Liposelection that clients require only over-the-counter medications.

Benefits of VASER Lipo ® System Liposelection

  • Smooth, predictable results
  • Minimal pain, bruising & downtime
  • Minimal scarring
  • Fast recovery
  • Improved skin retraction
  • Quick results
  • Demonstrated safety
  • So precise it can be applied to delicate areas
  • Gentle enough to be performed under a local anaesthetic

Areas That Can be Treated with VASER Lipo ® System Liposelection

Whether it’s one area of your body or more, fat removal ranks pretty high on the average person’s wish list. Age, genetics and childbearing all take a toll on our looks. Think about it, how would you choose to change your body? Areas that can be treated with VASER Lipo ® System include:

  • Upper and lower abdomen (waistline)
  • Inner and outer thighs (hips/saddlebags)
  • Lower back (love handles)
  • Chest (for men)
  • Neck/jawline (double chin)
  • Backs of arms (bingo wings)

VASER Lipo ® System Liposelection enables our doctor to reach into the fatty layer and gently emulsify the fatty deposits. We can then remove them with very little trauma to the rest of the tissue so that you heal rapidly with minimal pain. The less damage that is done the faster you heal. The advantage of VASER Lipo ® System Liposelection is that the damage is absolutely minimised and targeted to the fatty cells.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much of a scar will I be left with after VASER Lipo ® System Liposelection?
You will probably be left with a very small scar about 4mm in length for each incision point. For most people, this scar completely fades or becomes invisible with time, although this depends on each individual client’s reaction to scarring.
How quickly can I return to work after VASER Lipo ® System Liposelection?
While we advise clients to not have any commitments for a couple of days after your procedure, many clients actually return to work a day or two after VASER Lipo ® System Liposelection procedure.
Will I be put to sleep during the VASER Lipo ® System Liposelection procedure?
No. A local anaesthetic is injected to the target area. You remain awake from beginning to end but thanks to oral sedatives and painkillers, you will be relaxed and largely pain free throughout the procedure.
What happens to the fat emulsified by VASER Lipo ® System Liposelection?
Most of it is aspirated (suctioned) out as a last step in the procedure. The fat cells are emulsified by the VASER Lipo ® System and they are converted into a thick, oily liquid. The liquid that is not aspirated on the day is eliminated naturally through your lymphatic and blood systems over the subsequent few weeks. Traditional Liposuction scrapes the fat and vacuums it out, leaving subcutaneous hollows and loose skin.
What areas can be treated with the VASER Lipo ® System?
VASER Lipo ® System procedures can be used to improve virtually any pocket of fat that is resistant to diet and exercise. This includes areas traditional Liposuction could not treat, such as the backs of the arms, the inner thighs, the upper part of the abdomen and the neck/jawline. VASER Lipo ® System is able to treat these areas because it is minimally invasive and less traumatic, so the delicate nerves and blood vessels undergo significantly less trauma.
Are there any hidden extras in the VASER Lipo ® System Liposelection procedure?
The price quoted to you includes the consultation, VASER Lipo ® System Liposelection procedure, support garment, clinical photographs, post procedure massage and all follow up visits (relating to VASER Lipo).
Does the VASER Lipo ® System procedure hurt?
The least comfortable part of the procedure is infusion of the anaesthetic. Your botonics surgeon will anaesthetise the surface of your skin at the entry area, then inject an anaesthetic into the fat layer that will be treated. This stage stings somewhat and lasts about 2 minutes for each area that will be treated. Once the anaesthetic has taken affect, you feel very little apart from the occasional twinge of discomfort and a dull, tugging sensation. Those clients that have experienced resistance to local anaesthetics (e.g. when having dental work) may experience a similar resistance to the local anaesthetic we use for the VASER Lipo ® System procedure. The VASER Lipo ® System acts on the fat cells without affecting the nerve endings, so discomfort is significantly reduced relative to Liposuction
How long does the VASER Lipo ® System procedure take?
Since it is minimally invasive and done under a local anaesthetic, VASER Lipo ® System procedures usually take less than an hour per area treated. We ask clients to allow anywhere from one and half to three hours from arrival time at the clinic until they are on their way home. You are awake during the entire process and all you will feel is some tugging and pressure as your botonics surgeon sculpts the fat emulsifying VASER Lipo ® System around the treated area. Note, however, that because of sedatives and local anaesthetic, you may feel a bit shakey after the procedure and so you should not drive a car within 24 hours.
How long will I need to be in bandages after VASER Lipo ® System Liposelection?
You will need to wear support garments or bandages for about two weeks after VASER Lipo ® System Liposelection procedure. Normally your botonics surgeon will recommend you wear the supplied support garment for 24 hours/day during the first week, and during the evenings for the second week. Traditional Liposuction ruptures veins creating haematomas (blood clots) that require compression bandages to be worn for four weeks or more. This is highly inconvenient for the client. VASER Lipo ® System Liposelection is much less traumatic to the connective tissues, nerve endings and blood vessels so bruising and swelling is also significantly reduced.
How quickly will I see results after my VASER Lipo ® System Liposelection procedure?
The bulk of the results are visible in two weeks once your swelling has subsided. Immediately after your VASER Lipo ® System Liposelection procedure, you will be a bit swollen from the anaesthetic and trauma to the fat cells. This will go away in 24 – 48 hours after VASER Lipo ® System Liposelection. Any residual emulsified fat will be absorbed and eliminated through your body’s natural metabolic processes over a period of two months after VASER Lipo ® System Liposelection. We recommend that you have several sessions of lymphatic drainage massage after your procedure, to help speed the results and reduce the swelling.
Is the fat removal permanent following VASER Lipo ® System Liposelection?
Yes. You need to be in generally good health, ideally carry out regular exercise, have good eating habits and your weight should not exceed 25% of your ideal weight. Your blood, heart, liver and kidneys should be free from any disorders and your should not be taking any anticoagulants or be diabetic. You should not be taking steroids or anti-inflammatory medications for more than a few days. Your full medical history will be discussed with your botonics surgeon during your consultation to confirm that you’re suitable for a VASER Lipo ® System Liposelection procedure.
Is VASER Lipo ® System Liposelection a procedure for obesity?
No. VASER Lipo ® System Liposelection, SmartLipo and traditional Liposuction are not appropriate for significant weight loss. Diet and exercise are the best approach to treat obesity.
What will happen during the VASER Lipo ® System procedure?
Several micro-incisions about 3mm in length are made and an anaesthetic is ‘infused’ into each target area. Once the anaesthetic has taken affect, your botonics surgeon will insert the thin ultrasonic treatment head into the fat layer. The micro-vibrations from the treatment head will emulsify the fat, taking about 15 – 20 minutes per target area. The emulsified fat is then aspirated or suctioned out. The VASER Lipo ® System head does minimal damage to connective tissues and blood vessels, resulting in only minor bruising and post-procedure discomfort. Contrast this with traditional Liposuction which effectively scrapes the fat using a 3-6mm metal cannula leaving a visible scar, subcutaneous hollows, internal bleeding and loose skin.

Treatment Summary

  • Procedure time: 1.5 – 5+ hours
  • Anaesthetic: Local
  • Hospital stay: 0 – 1
  • Sensitivity period: 1 week
  • Back to work: 1 week
  • Duration of results: Permanent
  • Risks & complications: Infection, bleeding,bruising, swelling, asymmetry.